What to expect

For a new client we offer an initial 10 minute free Skype consultation to discuss your dietary requirements prior to session.  We may ask you to get certain results to help us with your assessments and the Skype consultation will be booked to give you time to get those results. For example: blood results: fasting sugars, raised cholesterol; Conditions: Coeliac disease test, lactose intolerance test or how a diagnosis was carried out.

An initial assessment appointment with the dietitian of 60 minutes will be undertaken. This consultation will include:


• Clarifying issues/symptoms and medical history

• Weighing, weight history, height and taking other body measurements  (if necessary)

• Discussing your current lifestyle and dietary habits and preferences

• Setting realistic and achievable goals.  This will include an individually tailored eating plan which will appeal to your taste preferences and fit in with your lifestyle

• Deciding if a follow up appointment is required to review progress or goals

• Writing a report, with any supporting written information, which will be sent to you after the consultation

• You can request a copy of the report for your GP, with your consent.

A review appointment (30 – 45 minutes) may be recommended to help monitor your progress and address any issues that have arisen following your one-to one consultation.

Flexible consultation schedules are available to suit your individual needs.

Review(s) can be booked in the session in line with best practice and clinical recommendations eg weekly, monthly, etc.