A newly diagnosed with Diabetes type II: “Muchas gracias por tu apoyo para entender la diabetes. Tus consejos en este momento en que he entrado a una nueva condición en mi vida han sido muy útiles para saber qué debo hacer. Muchos mitos y comentarios abruman a las personas diabéticas, sin embargo es posible tener una vida con calidad si se siguen los consejos de tus médicos y nutricionistas. Siempre buscar ayuda profesional. Mantener una rutina para tener control de mi organismo; dieta balanceada, ejercicios, medicamentos y sobre todo una actitud positiva y mucha disciplina.”

Translation: “Thank you very much for your support in understanding diabetes. Your advice at this time that I have entered a new condition in my life have been very useful to know what I should do. Many myths and comments overwhelm diabetics, however it is possible to have a life with quality if you follow the advice of your doctors and nutritionists. Always seek professional help. Keep a routine to have control of my body; balanced diet, exercises, medications and above all a positive attitude and a lot of discipline”.

Menu request: “I am stunned by the amount of work that has gone into this. I am tear-eyed, due to gratefulness.”

IBS patient FODMAP diet introduction: “I had a great experience with Kattya, who listened to me gave knowledgeable advice. I felt better after a few weeks and confident I will continue to improve!”